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Pre-Vocational and Supported Employment

     Services that provide career exploration, learning and work experiences, including volunteer opportunities, where the member can develop non-job-task-specific strengths and skills that lead to paid employment in individual community settings.


Career exploration activities are designed to develop an individual career plan and facilitate the member’s experientially based informed choice regarding the goal of individual
employment. Career exploration may be provided in small groups to participate in career exploration activities that include business tours, attending industry education events, benefits information, financial literacy classes, and attending career fairs. 
Local community or nearby communities and may include but is not limited to the following activities:

1. Meeting with the member and the member’s family, guardian or legal representative to introduce them to supported employment and explore the member’s employment goals and

2. Business tours

3. Informational interviews

4. Job shadows

5. Benefits education and financial literacy

6. Assistive technology assessment and

7. Job exploration events

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