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Having a job provides us with feelings of self-worth, responsibility and independence. It nurtures our sense of accomplishment.

Common Challenges.

​Asking for accommodations

Over-Cautious employers

Mixed or very short working schedules

Making money and losing essential support services

Bringing your personal assistant

Maintaining concentration and attention.

Quick or extreme fatigue


Memory loss

Social relationships



Physical abilities

Limited vision

Useful Resources 

America's Workforce Network Toll-Free Help Line For Employees Brochure (PDF, 341KB)

American Job Centers

Apprenticeship Programs

Career Fairs

Career Transition Networking Groups (PDF, 122KB)

CT Apprenticeship System

CT Career Resource Network

CT Health Jobs

Downsizing/Layoff Support

Disability Resources

DOL Partnerships

Employment and Training

Education and Training ConneCTion

Employment & Training Websites - Other States

Employment Assistance Sites, Other

Individual Development Accounts (IDAs)

Job and Career ConneCTion

Job Corps

Job Fairs

Jobs, Federal

Job Search Assistance

Labor Market Information

Laws & Legislation

Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers Program

Minors, Employment of

Minors, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Occupational Safety and Health (CONN-OSHA)

Recruitments at Local American Job Center Offices

State Jobs and Exams

Tax Credit Programs

Trade Adjustment Assistance

Unemployment Insurance

Veterans Services

Wage and Hour Information

Wage and Workplace Matters

Wage Payment Laws


Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

WIOA - Approved Training Programs

WARN - Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act

Worker Safety (CONN-OSHA)

Workforce Support

Workplace Laws

Workshops at American Job Center Offices

Your Connecticut Job Search Guide

Youth Employment Site

Youth/Workers Under 18

National Resources for TBI individuals, employers, and caregivers
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
BIA Brain Injury Association of America
BTF Brain Trauma Foundation
Brain Injury Alliance
California TBI Advisory Board report
CDC Center for Disease Control and Prevention TBI Information
Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center
JAN Job Accommodation Network
Mayo Clinic
NARIC National Rehabilitation Information Center
NASET National Association of Special Education Teachers
The Interactive Brain
Traumatic Brain Injury National Database Center
US Department of Labor Disability Employment Policy
VA Department of Veterans Affairs
Wounded Warrior Project

Alabama TBI Rehabilitation Program (334) 293.7500
Alaska TABI Traumatic and Acquired Brain Injury Program (907) 465.1605
Arizona Department of Economic Security TBI Services (800) 563.1221
Arkansas Healthy Arkansas TBI Services (501) 661.2000
California Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Board (800) 952.5544
Colorado Adult TBI Supportive Services (888) 331.3311
Connecticut Department of Social Services (855) 6.CONNECT
Delaware Brain Injury Association of Delaware (302) 346.2083
Florida TBI Resource and Support Center (800) 992.3442
Georgia Brain Injury Resource Directory (404) 712.5504
Hawaii TBI Board of Hawaii (808) 586.4400
Idaho Idaho State University TBI Virtual Program Center (208) 373.1773
Illinois Healthcare and Family TBI Services (800) 843.6154
Indiana Brain Injury Association of Indiana (317) 356.7722
Iowa Advisory Council on Brain Injuries (866) 227.9878
Kansas Brain Injury Association of Kansas (913) 754.8883
Kentucky NeuroRestorative of Kentucky (800) 743.6802
Louisiana Brain Injury Association of Louisiana (504) 982.0685
Maine Disability and Developmental Services (207) 287.9200
Maryland TBIMD Support Groups (410) 448.2924
Massachusetts Statewide and Specialized TBI Community Services (617) 204.3852
Michigan TBI Resource Guide (517) 335.1980
Minnesota Hennepin County Medical Center TBI Services (612) 873.3284
Mississippi Brain Injury Association of Mississippi (601) 981.1021
Missouri TBI Guide and Resources (573) 751.6400
Montana Department of Human Services TBI Fact Sheet (888) 279.7532
Nebraska Brain Injury Advisory Council (308) 865.5012
Nevada TBI Community Enrichment Program (702) 259.1903
New Hampshire Brain Injury Association of NH (603) 225.8400
New Jersey NJ Traumatic Brain Injury Fund (888) 285.3036
New Mexico BrainLine of New Mexico (505) 292.7414
New York Vocational Rehabilitation Services (800) 222.JOBS
North Carolina TBI Resources Office (919) 715.5989
North Dakota Head Injury Association of ND (877) 525.2724
Ohio Ohio State University BI Rehabilitation Program (800) 293.5123
Oklahoma Head Injury Resource Directory (800) 522.0203
Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Services for Disabled Adults (800) 452.1694
Pennsylvania PDH Head Injury Program (877) PA.HEALTH
Rhode Island Brain Injury Association of Rhode Island (401) 228.3319
South Carolina SC Vocational Rehabilitation Department (803) 896.6040
South Dakota USD TBI Research and Services (605) 357.1439
Tennessee Traumatic Brain Injury Program (615) 741.1230
Texas Texas Education Agency TBI Resources (512) 463.9734
Utah Brain Injury Alliance of Utah (801) 716.4993
Vermont Traumatic Brain Injury Program (802) 871.3069
Virginia Brain Injury Services Coordination (800) 552.5019
Washington Traumatic Brain Injury Council (877) TBI.1766
Washington DC Brain Injury Association of Washington DC (202) 659.0122
West Virginia Center for Excellence in Disabilities 1-877-724-8244
Wisconsin Brain Injury Resource Center (262) 770.4882
Wyoming Brain Injury Alliance of Wyoming 1-800-643-6457

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