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Find An Approved ABI Waiver Program Provider

Cognitive Behavioral Therapist 

Tracey M Sondik


Tracey M Sondik

341 East Center Street Ste 237
Manchester, CT 06040-4445

Phone Number: 1-860-966-4578

Fax Number: 1-860-643-6625

Cell Phone: 1-860-966-4578


Region: ACU Hartford (Self Directed), CCCI (All Regions), Eastern CCCI
(Norwich), North Central CCCI (Wethersfield), North West CCCI
(Watertown), Southwestern Agency on Aging, Western Connecticut
(Waterbury) Agency on Aging


ABI Resources neither ensures the integrity and dependability of any provider nor recommends any individual listed on this website. This information is for public reference only. It is your responsibility to interview and screen potential providers and make educated decisions. Please keep in mind that there may be many ABI Waiver Program approved Cognitive Behavioral Providers that may not be found on this website. It is best to talk with your case manager and / or social worker to help identify a provider. 

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